Is It Right For Me?

If you ask, “is franchising right for me?”, then please read on:

There are many factors why people purchase franchises. Others fall in love with a certain brand and desire to become part of the team.

Whatever your motivation is, not everybody is fit to be a franchisee. So before you end up being too enamored of the concept of franchising, go back and take a good long look at yourself to determine if franchising is really the best course for you. Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Am I ready to accept someone else’s system without trying to do it my method or make it “much better”?
  2. Can I follow somebody else’s lead and accept their advice and their criticism?
  3. Am I ready to be part of a network of franchisees understanding that there may be times when what is the best course for the network as a whole is not what is best for me?

If you can truthfully address “yes” to each of these concerns, then you need to keep on ?checking out franchise opportunities.

There is a lot of discuss purchasing and offering franchises, however what do you really get when you “purchase” a franchise? It’s yours if you buy a nonfranchised business. You can change policies, delete or add menu products, make the food a little spicier, cut your own handle suppliers and vendors, and even alter the name.

The essence of a franchise is consistency. Consumers expect to have the exact same experience from one device of a franchise to the next, and the only method to make sure consistency is to have everybody run according to the very same standards. There’s very little you can alter– at least not without the approval of the franchisor if you pick to acquire a franchise.

So if you have a true entrepreneurial spirit and are regularly looking at things from a slightly various point of view– if you wish to do things your very own way and can not resist the temptation to tweak a little occasionally, or if you think that you actually do have a much better secret recipe– you will most likely be much happier on your own.

If you are coming out of a business world, ask yourself if you are willing to take on obligation for the total company. Running a franchise means that you will have to perform all of these functions– and more– yourself.

Whether you invest in a franchise or begin your own business, you will require the big support of your family. Starting any business venture requires a significant amount of time, energy, and resources.

There’s absolutely no question that many, numerous, people have found that owned and operating a franchise has provided them all the pride and advantages of owning their own business. It has actually left others feeling suppressed and even suffocated. Then, one individual’s elixir is another person’s poison.

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